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Episode 37: The Wolf, The Witch and the Vampire | Adventure! Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Episode Summary

The trials of Blackthorn are behind them, but even more danger waits up ahead. How will our heroes handle the perils of the forest, the swamp and the castle? What puzzles lie ahead? What grotesque monsters must be slain? Only time and the d20 will tell us. The Wolf, the Witch and the Vampire is the penultimate episode of our first campaign and its a doozy! Adventure! Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast hosted by Bobby Shortle, Jacqui Turner, Brian Verderosa and Bob Reyer from Talking Comics. Go on thrilling and ridiculous adventurers with first time D & D players. A big thanks to Justin Reilly for his sound effects work. It’s awesome! If you like his work check out his SoundCloud ( or follow him on twitter (